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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get information about inmates in Minnesota?

The following inmate information is provided as required by, and in accordance with Minnesota Statute 641.05. For more information on this statute, please visit the Minnesota State Legislature website. You have the right to access data under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.

What does it mean when someone is arrested in Minnesota?

An arrest does not mean the person is guilty or has been convicted of an offense; individuals are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Current status of a pending legal matter is provided through the Minnesota Court System.

How often is the jail roster updated?

The jail roster is updated every hour. Individuals may be in the jail intake and not listed on the roster until they have been assigned a booking number. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. St. Louis County Jail inmates may be transferred to another jail to alleviate housing overcrowding.

How do I contact the Scott County Jail roster?

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the Scott County Jail Roster, please contact: [email protected] 609.195. (b) 609.546. (2) Driving while impaired. 152.092. (a) 609.185.

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