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Frequently Asked Questions

What is county jail like?

County Jail generally houses inmates that are serving time that is less than a year. Also housed in county jail are inmates that are awaiting their sentence, so they are currently making appearances in court and were unable to make bail. In comparison, State Prison is for inmates serving lengthier sentences on crimes that are more severe in nature.

How long can a county jail hold an inmate for another county?

For example, if a county jail has a 45-day hold rule, it means from the day your inmate should have been released, the other jurisdiction has 45 days to come pick up and transport the inmate to the new jurisdiction to face the courts. This timeframe can be extended through a court order.

What is the definition of County Jail?

County jail. imprisonment area run by a county government. The term "county jail" is used in the United States for jails maintained to hold prisoners in each of the many county divisions of a U.S. state.

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