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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Drifter a good song to listen to?

Sylvia's first # 1 hit on the country charts back in 1981. It was her second biggest hit after "Nobody" which was her only single to cross over to the pop charts. But "Drifter" is also a fantastic song which should not be missed.

What kind of music is in the Drifter by Robert Plant?

Though he had made several cowboy albums before -- indeed, his love of Western music informed much of his music -- the instrumentation and song selection on The Drifter was stripped-down and direct, concentrating almost entirely on epic Western narrative sagas.

How good is the Drifter by Tony Robbins?

The lack of concise songs resulted in a less successful album by commercial standards -- only "Mr. Shorty" was a hit, while the "El Paso" sequel "Feleena" ran over eight minutes -- but The Drifter was one of Robbins ' most artistically ambitious albums, as well as one of his most accomplished.

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