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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do companies pay for translation services?

On average, hiring interpreters to be physically present during meetings and client conversations can cost $50 to $145 per hour. Travel costs are additional costs paid by requestors. In most cases, it is necessary to book an interpreter for a minimum period of 2-hours.

How much should I charge for translation service?

You can generally expect to earn between 0.04 USD to 0.08 USD per word for translation. Also, remember to set a minimum fee that is reasonable. This tends to be around $15 to $30 USD to mitigate for the accounting and administrative work that goes into even a small job. There are several ways to decide how much to charge.

How much does a document translation service cost?

$49 for a standard diploma, not an academic transcript.Translation Spanish to English, French to English, Portuguese to English, Italian to English.If you have a diploma with several pages and need to know how much to translate a document such as your diploma, just send a copy, and document translation rates ...Evaluation Service is not included.

How to choose the best translation service?

Choose a translation service with experience in the market Although experience does not make a difference in all areas, this is very important in the case of translation services. The experience not only shows the company’s seniority in the competitive market, but also proves that the staff is prepared for any type of task and knows how to ...

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