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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coorgi (Kodava)?

It is one of the languages from the Karnataka state, primarily spoken in the district called Kodagu. Usually it is said the Coorgi(Kodava language) is a mix of Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam. Here is a small effort to help you learn some basic words in Coorgi language/ Kodava Takk:

What are some simple sentences in Coorgi language?

Lets see some more simple sentences in Coorgi language: 1. My name is ..... Naada peda ..... Naada is the Coorgi word for my. 2. I am fine. Naan chayil ulla. Fine or Good translates to chayil in Kodava takk and Me = Naan. If you want to say I am fine.

What is the Coorgi-Cox alphabet?

The alphabet was developed in response to a request from Kodava speakers for a unique alphabet to write their language. The Coorgi-Cox provides a single alphabet for all Kodava speakers, and was introduced with CDs and postcards in March and April 2005.

Who are the Airi people in Coorg?

Iri or Airi is another sub community in Coorg. This particular ethnic community were carpenters or village smiths in Kodagu. The people of the Airi community also have family names. They speak Kodava Takk and follow Kodava culture.

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