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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Airi people in Coorg?

Iri or Airi is another sub community in Coorg. This particular ethnic community were carpenters or village smiths in Kodagu. The people of the Airi community also have family names. They speak Kodava Takk and follow Kodava culture.

Who are the peggade people of Coorg?

Originally believed to have come from North Malabar, the Peggade or Kodagu Heggade is another of the indigenous communities in Coorg. They have around 100 family names and follow the Kodava habits and customs. They also dress like other Kodavas and speak Kodava Takk.

Which community in Coorg has the most fascinating history?

Of the many communities that are part of Coorg, the one with the most fascinating history is the Kodava community. Besides the Kodavas, Coorg is home to several other communities. The 18 other communities are ethnic groups that are smaller in number but speak the same language and follow similar traditions as the Kodavas.

Who are the Kodava people of Coorg?

The Are Bhashe Gowda or Kodagu Gowda is another community that lives in Coorg. The people of this community speak a distinct language called Are Bhashe. As mentioned, of the many communities in Coorg, the one with the most fascinating history is the Kodava community. So, explore them in detail.

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