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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of weed grinders?

Classic weed grinders do what they need to do and grind and collect all the tobacco, weed, marijuana, or herbs. 3 piece grinders: these grinders have a built-in screen for collecting all the kief and finer particles. 4 piece grinder: the four-piece grinders do have a built-in pollen screen, like the 3 piece grinders, but they also have a catcher.

What are some cool grinders?

Cool Grinders. 1 OTTO SMART GRINDER & ROLLING MACHINE. ROBOTS! They're coming. Not much we can do about it. So why not have them roll us some joints?? That's exactly ... 2 CALI CRUSHER GRINDER. 3 WOOD ROLLING BOX+. 4 ELECTRIC HERB GRINDER. 5 ROCKET GRINDER AND PIPE. More items

What is the best weed grinder for Christmas?

The DANVEE Grinder is a high quality weed grinder worth trying. To ensure durability, this newly designed grinder is made of CNC anodized aluminum. It grinds smoothly and the sharp teeth are guaranteed to stay sharp forever without ever becoming dull. More Details This Weedstagram Grinder Kit really makes an excellent gift.

What are the benefits of using a high quality weed grinder?

A nice consistent grind creates maximum surface area on your weed which makes for a smoother smoke, less waste and more potency. There are lots of high quality grinders available, but in this list we’re concentrating on cool weed grinders that are more unusual and have a novelty factor.

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