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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FIPS code for Illinois?

Cook County, 17031 FIPS Code, Illinois Crawford County, 17033 FIPS Code, Illinois Cumberland County, 17035 FIPS Code, Illinois De Witt County, 17039 FIPS Code, Illinois

What counties are FIPS code?

Counties County FIPS code County seat Est. Area Adams County 001 Quincy 1825 855 sq mi ( 2,214 km 2) Alexander County 003 Cairo 1819 235 sq mi ( 609 km 2) Bond County 005 Greenville 1817 380 sq mi ( 984 km 2) Boone County 007 Belvidere 1837 280 sq mi ( 725 km 2) 11 more rows ...

What is the state code for Illinois?

Illinois's FIPS state code is 17 and its postal abbreviation is IL. What is now Illinois was claimed as part of Illinois County, Virginia, between 1778 and 1782. Modern-day county formation dates to 1790 when the area was part of the Northwest Territory; two counties—St. Clair and Knox—were created at that time.

What is the FIPS code for Munford?

Each place is assigned a 5-digit Federal Information Processing Series (FIPS) code. For example, Munford city, Tennessee is assigned code 51540. In some states, places are independent (an independent place) of any surrounding county subdivision and each county-part is treated as a separate county subdivision.

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