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Frequently Asked Questions

How many CONCACAF teams qualify for World Cup?

Beginning in 2026, the World Cup will be expanded to 48 teams and a minimum of six Concacaf teams (up to a maximum of eight) will qualify for the finals.

Why is Qatar in CONCACAF?

Why are Qatar in the Concacaf Gold Cup? Qatar have been doing everything possible to play games against the world's best teams in order to prepare for hosting the 2022 World Cup. To this end, they played as guests at the 2019 Copa America and were scheduled to do so again in the 2020 tournament, before it was postponed due to Covid.

What is the CONCACAF Cup?

The CONCACAF is the governing body that oversees soccer competition for national teams hailing from North America, Central America, the Caribbean and a few South American nations. The CONCACAF Gold Cup is a biannual tournament that crowns the champion of the regions governed by the CONCACAF once every two years.

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