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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer shares from Computershare to a brokerage account?

Please contact your stockbroker to initiate the transfer of shares in your Computershare account to a brokerage account. The new holder has an existing account to which I want the shares transferred. Where can I find the account number of the account to which I want to transfer shares?

What happens if the security owner of a Computershare account dies?

Computershare that the beneficiary or beneficiaries did not survive the security owner(s). Rule 10 – Dividends, Interest and other Distributions before and after the Security Owner’s Death. Neither the securities issuer nor Computershare shall be responsible to a

How is Computershare discharged from liability under Tod?

TOD beneficiary if it receives notice from any claimant as to an interest in such security or securities. Each security owner agrees that Computershare shall be fully released and discharged from all liability upon payment to the designated TOD beneficiary or beneficiaries and on behalf of

How to transfer ownership of a Computershare property in Rhode Island?

Step 1: Transfer Request form – Step 2: Form W-9, tax certification – Sincerely, Computershare Enclosures Computershare P.O. Box 43078 Providence, RI 02940-3078 Dear Holder Computershare PO Box 43078 Providence Rhode Island 02940-3078 00H2OG-WEB (Rev. 1/11)

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