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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose micromicro center Westbury?

Micro Center Westbury ushered in a new era of computer retailing on Long Island with a much higher level of customer service and employee expertise, combined with an unmatched selection of computers, electronics, software, accessories and computer parts for building your own PC.

What is Westbury Shopping Center like?

Westbury’s shopping environment is wide open and inviting with a Do-it-Yourself area for Makers, more spacious departments for Apple, printers and televisions, and Micro Center’s first mobile accessories department.

Where can I buy a gaming keyboard on Long Island?

Our Westbury store is the only destination on Long Island for a build-your-own experience including the must haves: gaming keyboard, mice and headsets. Visit our in-store Knowledge Bar for one-on-one tech support services or discuss in our online Community Forum.

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