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What was the first computer released in 2000?

CNR was introduced by Intel on February 7, 2000. Microsoft Windows 2000 was released on February 17, 2000. Red Hat released the first version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on February 22, 2000. Perl 5.6 was released on March 22, 2000. Sony released the PS2 on March 4, 2000. Microsoft Pocket PC 2000 was introduced on April 19, 2000.

What is the history of computer in brief?

History of Computers: A Brief Timeline. 1958: Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce unveil the integrated circuit, known as the computer chip. Kilby was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2000 for his work. 1964: Douglas Engelbart shows a prototype of the modern computer, with a mouse and a graphical user interface (GUI).

What happened in the year 2000 in computer?

Other computer events in 2000. New computer products and services introduced in 2000. Internet domains that came online in 2000. Computer companies founded in 2000. Computer-related movies released in 2000. Computer company events in 2000.

What inventions came out in the 2000s?

Inventions of the 2000s 1 USB flash drive (2000) 2 iPhone (2007) 3 Wii (2006) 4 Toyota Prius (2001) 5 Facebook (2004) 6 Camera cellphone (2000) 7 Bluetooth (2000) 8 Android smartphones (2008) 9 Blu-ray disc (2002) 10 YouTube (2005) More ...

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