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Frequently Asked Questions

Do compression socks really help?

The good news is compression socks can help. They are used in the management of plantar fasciitis – a condition where the band joining the heel t the ankle gets inflamed, resulting in a stabbing pain. Having no cure, managing it is the only solution and the socks lead the management-solutions-pack.

Can Lasso compression socks really prevent ankle sprains?

Specs (from website): Graduated compression and compression garments have typically been prescribed by doctors to help with blood flow and to treat low blood pressure or plantar fasciitis. Some studies indicate Lasso compression socks can reduce pain or help with recovery from an ankle sprain.

Do compression calf socks really work?

It is not certain yet whether compression garments (like calf sleeves and socks) can improve performance. Although more and more studies are emerging that support the idea, some do not. Researchers generally agree that compression gear increases blood flow. With improved blood flow, there is more oxygen in the muscles, and this may promote recovery.

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