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Frequently Asked Questions

Will compression socks help already swollen ankles?

The easiest and one of the most effective treatments for swollen feet and ankles is the use of compression socks. These stockings apply a certain amount of pressure to your feet and prevent fluid accumulation in your feet. (This is the opposite of loose fitting socks for swollen ankles .)

Do compression socks really help?

The good news is compression socks can help. They are used in the management of plantar fasciitis – a condition where the band joining the heel t the ankle gets inflamed, resulting in a stabbing pain. Having no cure, managing it is the only solution and the socks lead the management-solutions-pack.

Are compression stockings safe to wear on a sprained ankle?

Use compression socks with your ankle injury. Along with rest, ice and elevation, compression is a key element for keeping swelling under control. Compression socks promote blood flow back to your heart by applying the greatest amount of pressure at your ankle and becoming gradually less tight further up your leg.

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