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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't LGBT people attend Pride parades?

They worry that LGBT people will never gain acceptance from the mainstream if they continue to flaunt their “otherness.” Still others do not feel connected to the LGBT community in this way or feel that Pride parades do not represent them for a variety of reasons and, therefore, they choose not to attend Pride parades.

Should corporations recognize Pride Month?

One might expect the opposition to greater corporate recognition of Pride Month to come primarily from people with religious objections to homosexuality. Those objections are certainly out there, but oddly, some of the loudest opposition to Budweiser and Dr. Martens embracing the rainbow flag are gay people themselves.

Why do we march at Pride in NYC?

The LGBT Center does amazing things for queer youth and queer health in NYC. Marching is never just about yourself, it’s about showing someone who might look or be like or you that, yes, they too can live this way and be happy and supported and safe. I saw multiple articles about how people in our community were going to protest Pride this year.

Is there an escape route from the commercial co-option of pride events?

“The escape route from the commercial co-option of Pride events is almost non-existent,” Ammaturo explains. “An event like Pride in London, for instance, requires immense financial resources just to keep in place the enormous security apparatus. Can Pride in London be downscaled and reverted back to a grassroots event? I am skeptical.

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