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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you March in the pride parade every year?

You can catch me wholeheartedly marching in every year’s Pride Parade as long as it stands. The LGBT Center does amazing things for queer youth and queer health in NYC.

Ispride a big commercialized event?

Pride has become a big commercialized event, and we can’t really change that.” There is widespread apathy towards corporatization, and radical blocs aren’t attracting a huge following. Despite how hard it is, the question that LGBTQ+ people and activists must answer is precisely that: What do we do?

Should corporations recognize Pride Month?

One might expect the opposition to greater corporate recognition of Pride Month to come primarily from people with religious objections to homosexuality. Those objections are certainly out there, but oddly, some of the loudest opposition to Budweiser and Dr. Martens embracing the rainbow flag are gay people themselves.

Is Pride a commercial venture?

Once it’s been co-opted as a commercial venture, Pride only extends to those who can consume that commerce, leaving the most vulnerable queer populations — those in need of real advocacy, protections, and action — out of the picture entirely.

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