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Frequently Asked Questions

Ispride a big commercialized event?

Pride has become a big commercialized event, and we can’t really change that.” There is widespread apathy towards corporatization, and radical blocs aren’t attracting a huge following. Despite how hard it is, the question that LGBTQ+ people and activists must answer is precisely that: What do we do?

What is the relationship between pride and corporations?

This relationship between Pride and corporations has become increasingly symbiotic: A 2015 report by LGBT Capital, a U.K.-based, queer-focused venture capital fund, estimates that global LGBTQ+ spending power stands at $3.7 trillion.

What is Pride Month and why does it matter?

June is Pride Month, when gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and other not-straight people celebrate with a variety of events, including activism, parades, and concerts. As with any popular celebration, corporations and brands have become involved, creating special offers and limited-release products to cater to the enthusiasm.

Do brands promote gay pride and the LGBTQ community really support it?

But in that commercialization lies the disconnect: Brands promoting gay pride and the LGBTQ community may not always be consistent in actually supporting the LGBTQ community, but they still capitalize on the help that people want to give that community.

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