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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between IPRs and commercialization?

On the other hand, commercialization of IPRs refers to doing business with intellectual property, i.e. some inventions, which are protected under the IPRs, through some sorts of business operations, e.g. joint ventures.

What is the commercialisation of intellectual property rights?

Commercialisation of Intellectual Property Rights : IP Assignment and IP Licensing Commercialisation may be understood as a process of organisation of something in way to generate profit or managing a product or service or right or anything for financial gain.

What is the IPR process?

In this process IPR owner transfers all or any part of his rights.The owner of IPR assigns the right to use IPR to certain organisation who will develop, produce and market the product or services In this process the reward of owner is limited to the amount of royalty he gets from the organisation.

What is the IPR business model in India?

In this strategy IPR owner enters into business agreement with third party who play role of an investor and helps in converting IP into marketable product or services . This concept is quite new in India IP owner generally prefers to design product by himself or directly endorses it to other by way of assignment.

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