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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think about the commercialization of Art?

A lot of times when people talk about "commercialization" of art. they are really speaking about a certain kind of art - art that doesn't meet their particular standards for art, whatever those are. It's a taste issue. As in, "oh, his art is so com mer cial", or " that gallery is so commercial".

Do you think the community has lost something by not commercializing art?

In fact in many cases not at all, or only inadvertently. It's easy to go to a contemporary art museum and not feel anything at all, because all the art hanging there is self-involved - it's all about the artist. So in one sense, we can consider that the community - WE - have lost a great deal by the lack of commercialization.

Is there a tension between an artist and the consumer?

You’re probably aware that there seems to be some tension between artists regarding the commercialization of art. And it seems to be present no matter what type of art you create and put into the world. Perhaps this tension exists because a tension exists between the desires of an artist and the desires of the consumer (the people who pay for art).

Should the Catholic Church pay artists to produce art?

The downside of commercial art is that it limits scope and subject matter. If the Catholic Church is paying all the artists to produce art, then most art produced is likely to be of a religious nature... at least the large scale, attention grabbing art. Further, if you are a patron paying the bills, you get to call the shots.

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