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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the commercialization process of a product?

The Commercialization Process. Commercialization begins when a business identifies a way to use scientific or engineering advances to meet a market need. The process continues through design, development, manufacturing ramp-up, and marketing, and includes later efforts to improve the product.

How do companies like Hewlett-Packard manage the commercialization process?

Companies like Hewlett-Packard that have the capability to manage the commercialization process differ from other organizations in four respects. They get products or processes to market faster, use those technologies in products across a wider range of markets, introduce more products, and incorporate a greater breadth of technologies in them.

How many new products do leading companies commercialize?

Our study found that leading companies… commercialize two to three times the number of new products and processes as do their competitors of comparable size. incorporate two to three times as many technologies in their products. compete in twice as many product and geographic markets.

How can high-performers improve their commercialization capability?

To strengthen their commercialization capability, high-performers like Canon do the following: make commercialization capability a top-management priority; set goals to focus the effort; develop skills; and get managers directly involved in the commercialization process to speed actions and decisions.

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