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Frequently Asked Questions

What is commercialization and how does it work?

Commercialization is broken into phases, from the initial introduction of the product through its mass production and adoption. Considerations should be made for production methods and volumes, what distributions channels will be used, what marketing techniques will be implemented, as well as reviewing the sales and customer support requirements.

What makes a product eligible for commercialization?

For a potential product to be eligible for commercialization, research and development (R&D) efforts must telegraph a degree of public value that could potentially result in increased profitability for the company. And for commercialization to truly succeed, a company must satisfy both its customer and stakeholder needs.

How do you commercialize a small business example?

For example, if a small bakery is known for its cinnamon rolls and has sold them with great success, it can commercialize its products by selling the packaged cinnamon rolls to local grocery stores, where others can buy the pastries and the bakery can increase its sales by multiple factors.

What is the commercialization stage of the new product development process?

The commercialization stage of any New Product Development process is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ and the product you are manufacturing in China gets introduced into the market. This stage is actually the final stage of the development process. (Don’t forget that you can see the whole series on developing a new product here ).

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