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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to buy a GMC in Texas?

We're confident that Sulphur Springs, Rockwall, and Commerce, TX. Buick and GMC customers will find the perfect car they are looking for at the best price in our showroom. Our Freedom Buick GMC Greenville dealership is a family-owned dealership located in Greenville, TX.

Why buy from commerce Chevrolet Buick?

The most important thing we have to offer at Commerce Chevrolet Buick is great service to our loyal customers. You can feel confident that you will find the perfect vehicle to fit your everyday needs! Since Kevin Barb opened Commerce Chevrolet Buick in 2015, we have been filling the vehicle purchasing and servicing needs of North East Texas.

Is there a freedom Buick dealership in Greenville GA?

Our Freedom Greenville dealership is proud to serve residents from Dallas, Sulphur Springs, McKinney, and surrounding areas so visit our Freedom Buick GMC Greenville car dealership and schedule a test drive today!

Is there a Chevy dealership in Sulphur Springs TX?

Welcome to our dealership. We are your preferred auto dealer, proudly serving Greenville, Sulphur Springs, and Paris, TX Chevrolet and Buick customers. As a preferred Northeast Texas dealer, we offer new and used vehicles, quick quotes, and numerous financing options.

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