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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the city's traffic cameras?

The City's traffic cameras are intended to provide motorists with continual information concerning the traffic flow and incidents on highways and city streets. When viewing the map, click on any of the camera icons to see a snapshot and location. Snapshots are taken approximately every two minutes.

Are schools in Colorado Springs delaying Thursday start times?

CLOSINGS & DELAYS: Several schools in Colorado Springs are delaying their Thursday start times. Check to see if your school made the list Below are FOX21’s live feeds from cameras scattered across the viewing area.

Is the Colorado Springs community mourning?

The Colorado Springs community is mourning. Click for resources and support relating to the Club Q Shooting.

How is traffic flow indicated on the map?

Traffic flow is also indicated on the map using the following color codes: Note * Traffic speeds are displayed as a percentage of free-flow speeds, which is frequently the speed limit or how fast cars tend to travel when unencumbered by other vehicles.

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