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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find road conditions in Colorado?

View the Colorado Department of Transportation's interactive map showing road conditions in the state.

Is driving in Colorado dangerous?

Driving in Colorado can be dangerous, especially in bad weather. It's best to check the weather and view webcams of any passes that your route includes. Below are links to cDOT webcams of major passes in Colorado. Being prepared and planning your Colorado road trip is your best path to success. View up to date travel alerts.

Where can I find the best webcams in Colorado?

With 55+ cameras deployed in Colorado, we have some of the best quality Colorado Web Cams owned and operated for free view at our site Our streams update up to 30 times per second for the most current Colorado weather. Live Webcams produced by ColoradoWebCam.Net. These are Colorado Based Live Web Cams.

Is the CDOT route section need reprogram?

CDOT route section is need reprogram. CDOT dropped and changed Cam Locations Sept 2021 Check our ski resort webcams group. We have a landing page for each ski resort in Colorado with helpful webcam and resource links. NEW Colorado Function MYCAMLIST.

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