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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find road conditions in Colorado?

View the Colorado Department of Transportation's interactive map showing road conditions in the state.

Is driving in Colorado dangerous?

Driving in Colorado can be dangerous, especially in bad weather. It's best to check the weather and view webcams of any passes that your route includes. Below are links to cDOT webcams of major passes in Colorado. Being prepared and planning your Colorado road trip is your best path to success. View up to date travel alerts.

What is the Colorado Transportation Commission proposing?

The Transportation Commission of Colorado and Colorado Department of Transportation are proposing a new standard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector, improve air quality and reduce smog, and provide more travel options.

What are CDOT's public hearings?

CDOT, on behalf of the Commission, will hold eight public hearings across the state to provide opportunities for public comment on this new proposed standard. These hearings will be held in-person and virtually, with Spanish interpretation available.

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