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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mr firewood?

United States Marine Corps veteran owned and operated. Law-enforcement and firefighters supporter. Hi, my name is Chris and I am your Mr. Firewood. Growing up in the country in East Texas, I've learned over the years how firewood should be. In the country, we cut and split our own to make it through the cold winters.

How long does it take for firewood to dry?

Our hardwood firewood is a mix of mostly oak with some locust and cherry. Our seasoned firewood has been harvested at least 4 months and our partially seasoned firewood has been harvested for a few weeks, but still needs several months of drying.

How much wood is in a cord of firewood?

One cord of stacked wood measures four feet high by four feet wide by eight feet long (4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft.) and has a volume of 128 cubic feet. The amount of solid wood in a cord varies depending on the size of the pieces, but for firewood it averages about 85 cubic feet.

What is the best way to store firewood?

We always recommend that firewood be purchased well in advance of its use, and that the customer store it in a dry, well-ventilated area prior to burning. Firewood should be kept up off the ground for seasoning to promote drying and prevent mold growth.

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