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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Colony Fire?

The Colony Fire is currently 230 acres, with 0% containment. These numbers will be updated as more information becomes available. There are significant air quality impacts from these fires throughout Sequoia National Park and in the community of Three Rivers. See "related links" for resources for monitoring air quality.

Do we still have a Paradise Fire and a Colony Fire?

“We no longer have a Paradise Fire and a Colony Fire. We now have one fire that grew together yesterday,” John Wallace, an operations chief with the incident command team in charge of battling the blaze, said Saturday morning, during a live-streamed update on the KNP Complex Fire.

What is the difference between the cabin and colony fires?

The Cabin Fire reached approximately two acres and is largely contained, the Colony and Paradise Fires are in much steeper and dangerous terrain and are being attacked by numerous aircraft resources with water and retardant to slow the rate of spread. The Colony Fire grew from four acres to 72 acres overnight with zero percent containment.

How big is the Paradise Fire in Sequoia National Park?

As of Sunday evening, Paradise Fire was 807 acres and Colony 230 acres, with no containment. The General’s Highway between the Sequoia Park entrance and Giant Forest is closed, as are Lodgepole Campground, Wuksachi Lodge and the Giant Forest/Lodgepole area.

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