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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the colony Diner open?

Their patio is open and is adequately spaced for social distancing for people who do not wish to sit inside. Everything about The Colony Diner & Restaurant is excellent. I will definitely be coming back before I head back home. Home Cooking ! We live a distance away but are happy to travel to this diner.

What is your review of coloncolony diner&restaurant?

Colony Diner & Restaurant is an excellent place to eat for every or no dietary requirement. I was especially impressed at the vegan selection. I have never seen so many choices at an establishment that wasn't a vegan restaurant (in America).

What to look for when eating at colony diner?

Look at the menu they hook with the coffee and soft drinks how much can you really drink.Foods average portions are average servers are good.Watch out on a Sunday when its busy they will try to bump you to the counter uhhh no not after... waiting awhile for a booth. While visiting family in CT, we ate at the Colony Diner on two separate occasions.

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