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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular items that Colombians buy?

Coffee Lovers Being one of Colombia's most famous national products, coffee is everywhere in Colombia, and Colombians can't get enough of it. Most Colombians have a tinto, a small serving of black coffee (about the size of a shot), with or without sugar, several times a day.

What are the most important values to Colombians?

The people of Colombia are gritty and optimistic, and filled with positivity and hope. Add to this Colombians’ friendliness and joy, and an enthusiasm for life that ensures Colombians are quick to smile. This is one reason why more and more visitors are falling in love with Colombia and choosing to make the country their second home.

What is the most common ethnicity in Colombia?

Colombia's indigenous cultures evolved from three main groups—the Quimbayas, who inhabited the western slopes of the Cordillera Central; the Chibchas; and the Kalina (Caribs). The Muisca culture, a subset of the larger Chibcha ethnic group and famous for their use of gold, were responsible for the legend of El Dorado.

What are the most common cities that Colombians migrate from?

Since the 1980s, Colombians have come from the areas around Medellín and Bogotá, as well as smaller cities such as Don Matías, an agricultural center north of Medellín.

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