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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the odds of playing college football?

The Wolverines should be the No. 2 seed in the CFP, but in the odds they'll likely be third. The expectation is Michigan will play Georgia in the semifinals, and while the Bulldogs just looked very average, they will still be favored to beat Michigan, even if Michigan has as much a case to be ranked No. 1 as Bama.

What are the odds in football?

Of course, futures odds are a fluid market. They can change every day based on news, injuries, suspensions, transfers, etc. In college football there generally isn't too much movement in the futures market during the offseason, but once the season begins, look for huge changes week-to-week based on wins and losses.

How to read betting lines?

Early money actually came in on the Houston Texans to lower the line to 9.5, but it has since leveled off at ... That effectively shortens the game and should keep this game under the betting total, especially as the Texans average just 14.8 points ...

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