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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find college football Las Vegas odds?

Along with providing College Football Las Vegas Odds, VegasInsider is also the leader in betting numbers for the most popular sports that are wagered on in the United States.

Why do NCAAF odds change?

Why do NCAAF odds change? Many times the opening betting odds are drastically changed at the time of the event for various different reasons. Injuries are a key factor but the college football odds mostly change because of the betting market.

When are college football betting lines set?

College Football Opening Line Opening Lines in college football are typically set on Sunday afternoons in the current week and you usually see immediate action cause line movement. The Spread is based on a rough projection of a score for every matchup, although oddsmakers have a good idea of what side the betting public will want to bet and ...

What is the point spread in college football betting?

Regardless, the NCAA point spread, also known as the line or spread, is many bettors’ favorite way to wager on football each fall. If bettors believe that Alabama is two touchdowns better than Auburn, they may bet the Crimson Tide as 14-point favorites.

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