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Frequently Asked Questions

What are collectors looking for?

Think about the history you're holding in your hand. It could be a Standing Liberty quarter that a soldier carried with him during World War I. Or maybe a Morgan silver dollar that road with a pioneer in the Wild West. Coin collectors are stewards of these treasures and a wise collector can also turn them into an investment.

What is the definition of a collector?

Definition of collector. : one that collects: such as. a : an official who collects funds or moneys. b : a person who makes a collection stamp collector.

What coins are collectors looking for?

Token collectors are collectors who are looking for different kinds of tokens that were used in exchange of real money where there was a lack of coins. These tokens were often used as a local currency even if the government had not given permission for them to be used. Coins are also graded.

What are some collectors collect?

Most collections are of manufactured commercial items, but natural objects such as birds' eggs, butterflies, rocks, and seashells can also be the subject of a collection. For some collectors, the criterion for inclusion might not be the type of object but some incidental property such as the identity of its original owner.

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