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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Coleman Octagon 98 tent weatherproof?

Although the best practice is to use waterproofing spray and seam seal with every tent, the Coleman Octagon 98 tent has some weatherproofing of its own. The patented welded floors inside the Coleman tent prevent tears inside and out, and the inverted seams reduce the likelihood of water seeping in through needle holes.

How many sides does a Coleman octagon have?

Overseas, Coleman’s Octagon tent is called the Cortes Octagon 8. This tent is heavily marketed as a glamping tent – or a tent really made for fun family activities. Six of the eight sides open up completely, which provides all the sunshine, air flow, and comfort that you are looking for in a tent.

Is the Coleman Octagon the right choice for your Glampers?

The Coleman Octagon is a popular choice for glampers and family campers everywhere, thanks to its spacious interior and livable design. But is it right for all your camping excursions?

Are octagon tents better?

When comparing octagon tents to traditional rectangle tents, you are going to get better airflow, a better view, and more sunshine when you pick the octagon shaped tent! That’s because all of those octagon shape windows open up providing an awesome 360-degree view!

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