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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a Coleman Octagon 98 tent?

The Coleman Octagon 98 tent makes camping easy so you can enjoy every moment of your outdoor adventure. In about 15 minutes you can have the tent set up or taken down. Steel poles create a tough frame, and color-coded pole attachments make setup easy. The spacious interior fits two queen-sized airbeds or 8 people in sleeping bags.

How many people can fit in a Ford Octagon?

Due to its spacious interior, it’s a solid choice for groups of up to 8 people, though its heavy weight and bulky packed size mean that it’s best for roadside campsites. Additionally, the Octagon’s affordable price point makes it a nice option for families and groups on a budget.

What kind of tent has an octagon shape?

This cabin tent has a unique octagon shape with vertical walls to create an open and roomy area. The camping tent is guaranteed to keep you dry thanks to its WeatherTec system that features a tub floor with patented corner welds, protected seams, and a covered zipper to help keep water out.

What makes Coleman’s weathertec tents so good?

Like most of the shelters in Coleman’s line-up, this model uses the company’s proprietary WeatherTec System, which integrates inverted seams and welded floors to help keep out water at all costs. Moreover, when it comes to real-world performance in foul weather, we like that the tent comes with an extra-thick 1000D polyethylene floor.

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