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Frequently Asked Questions

What is codingcodesters?

Codesters is the classroom-friendly platform for coding. Graphics, animation, interactivity, and the unique drag-to-type toolkit are combined to teach students Python — a professional programming language. How Much Does Codesters Cost ? Codesters offers affordable plans for teachers, schools, and districts.

How much does codesters cost?

Anyone can create a free Codesters account to create and share projects with all users of the platform. Schools can purchase licenses for Codesters curriculum ranging from $5 to $10 per student. The cost depends on the course. Schools can also purchase customized packages and discounts.

What is Python coding in codesters?

In Codesters, students create their programs in Python - a text-based programming language that is widely used in making web applications. Students can drag and drop commands from the toolkit, or they can also type directly into the code editor without using the toolkit.

How do schools use codesters?

Once a teacher, principal or other administrator signs up for Codesters they choose a course, assign it to students and monitor their progress on projects and assessments in the Codesters Learning Management System. Anyone can create a free Codesters account, but in order to use Codesters curriculum, schools must purchase a subscription.

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