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Frequently Asked Questions

What is codingcodesters?

Codesters is the classroom-friendly platform for coding. Graphics, animation, interactivity, and the unique drag-to-type toolkit are combined to teach students Python — a professional programming language. How Much Does Codesters Cost ? Codesters offers affordable plans for teachers, schools, and districts.

What is the learningcodesters partnership with learning com?

Codesters was founded with the mission of creating a world where every student can learn to code in school. Today we’re taking a huge step towards that goal by partnering with to expand access to coding for millions of students.

Why did we build codesters?

So when we built Codesters it was important to create an environment that allowed kids the ability to view, edit, and work with code in text form, while also employing a similar style of engagement, ease-of-use, and ability to rapidly create using familiar drag-and-drop.

How much does it cost to use codesters?

Codesters always strives to be affordable – starting at just $10 per student – and now teachers can bring coding to their classrooms with the help of Donors Choose. And, for the first 20 Donors Choose projects that fundraise for a classroom set of Codesters curriculum, Codesters will match dollar-for-dollar any funds that are raised.

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