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Frequently Asked Questions

Is codecodehs trusted by teachers?

CodeHS is trusted by thousands of teachers and schools all over the world. Classroom management tools and integrations for student rosters, data, assignments, and grades. Over 60 free intro to AP computer science courses with standards alignment, lesson plans, and more.

Where is codecodehs located?

CodeHS is a distributed company based in Chicago, but we have employees all over the country including San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas, Ann Arbor, and New York City. We believe great people are all over.

What did CodeHS win?

CodeHS won the Innovation Challenge, earning a $75,000 prize awarded by the Robin Hood Foundation. During the week of December 9, 2013, CodeHS participated in the nationwide Hour of Code challenge promoted by CodeHS was featured as a tutorial for learning JavaScript on the Computer Science Education Week website.

What can CodeHS do for You?

The CodeHS system handles SO MUCH administrative overhead, and frees me up to provide individual help & feedback where it is needed. All the tools, resources, and dedicated support your school needs to implement and run a high-quality computer science program.

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