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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Codecademy worth it?

Codecademy’s lessons are hands-on and interactive, too. The paid courses in the Codecademy Pro package are worth it if you want to learn how to code and get a job. As with any online learning provider, however, it is important to look at Codecademy Pro’s price.

How does Codecademy compare to code school?

The fundamental difference between Codecademy and Code School is the approach each one takes to teaching code. Codecademy is extremely hands-on and there's very little reading or watching involved. Every step of the way, the app instructs you to learn as you go by coding a little bit here and there starting with the very basics.

How much is Code Academy?

Codecademy, a popular e-learning website focused on coding, just launched its first student membership for eligible college students. The cheaper Student Pro membership is just $150 per year and provides the same access as the full-priced Codecademy Pro, which typically costs $240 per year.

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