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Frequently Asked Questions

Do coach purses have a lifetime warranty?

Coach timepieces are protected from the date of purchase by a Coach Watch two-year limited warranty. Watches must be purchased from an Authorized Coach Watch Dealer, as evidenced by a valid warranty card and proof of purchase.

What is the warranty on coach watches?

Coach is owned by Movado Group Inc (MGI), therefore it has the same warranty as a Movado. The watch has a two (2) year limited warranty from the date of purchase. It covers only defective materials from poor workmanship under normal use.

How do you repair a coach purse?

Bring the bag into your local Coach store for repair. Fill out paperwork for the repair, and pay for return shipping and processing. Transfer your bag to an associate, who will send the bag in for factory repairs or evaluation for replacement.

Does coach repair bags?

Coach purses are not only a status item, they are considered to be quality handbags that last a lifetime. To hold this standard, Coach offers a certified repair service should your bag become damaged during use or due to factory defects.

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