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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Medicare face-to-face requirement for home health services?

A physician must order Medicare home health services and must certify a patient’s eligibility for the benefit The face-to-face requirement ensures that the orders and certification for home health services are based on a physician’s current knowledge of the patient’s clinical condition

When is a face-to-face visit required for home health care?

•The face -to-face encounter must occur within the 90 days prior to the start of home health care, or within the 30 days after the start of care •In situations when a physician orders home health care for the patient based on a new condition that was not evident during a visit within the 90 days prior to start of care, the

Where can I find the face-to-face encounter for home health care?

The face-to-face encounter for home health care can be included in the certification documentation or on a separate form. More information on the home health FTF encounter requirement can be found on the CMS' Home Health Agency (HHA) Center website.

What are the interpretive guidelines for home health agencies?

Home Health Agencies The Interpretive Guidelines serve to interpret and clarify the Conditions of Participation for home health agencies (HHAs). The Interpretive Guidelines merely define or explain the relevant statute and regulations and do not impose any requirements that are not otherwise set forth in statute or regulation.

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