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Frequently Asked Questions

How to answer cloze test questions easily?

Cloze Test Questions are easy to answer once you understand the whole crux of the paragraph and also less time taking as compared to the Reading comprehension Questions. You can practice Cloze Test Questions here and additionally we are providing you this PDF of Cloze Test of 50 Questions to master the topic.

How to add embedded answers (cloze) to a question type?

When the Choose a question type to add window appears, select Embedded answers (Cloze) for the question type. Select Add. Place the question in the correct category and name it. Write the text of the question with curly braces {} as place holders for answers. Now we will add answer options inside the braces. Do not try to add all answers at once.

What are the different types of cloze test?

There are two major patterns based on which a cloze test is asked in the examinations: Basic Fill in the Blanks Format: The simplest format for the cloze test is that a passage is given with multiple blanks and candidates need to choose one correct answer from the given options, which would be appropriate and logically fill the blank.

Is cloze worth it in the Moodle quiz?

However, the flexibility of the Cloze question type is hard to equal and despite the minor coding that you need to create the questions, it has great worth in the Moodle Quiz. 17 Troubleshooting: The equal sign (=) doesn't seem to work with SHORTANSWER.

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