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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Clonezilla to work using UEFI?

How to get Clonezilla to work using UEFI 1 "Disable" secure boot 2 Sata setting to "AHCI" 3 UEFI Boot Path Security set to "Never" More ...

How do I install Clonezilla on Windows 10?

Download Clonezilla and prepare boot media. Choose different download files based on your needs. For example, select “zip” to install Clonezilla to a USB stick, and select “iso” to burn it to a DVD. If you download the “zip” file, learn how to make a bootable Clonezilla live USB flash drive here.

What is cloneclonezilla Windows 10?

Clonezilla Windows 10 Clonezilla is a free and open-source disk imaging/cloning software. With this program, you can perform system deployment, back up system, clone disk, and more. Clonezilla has 3 different types – Clonezilla live, Clonezilla lite server, and Clonezilla SE.

Can I use AMD64 Clonezilla with Windows 10?

"If your machine comes with uEFI secure boot enabled, you have to use AMD64 version of alternative (Ubuntu-based) Clonezilla live." Therefore please use those Ubuntu-based Clonezilla live. BTW, for Windows 10, you have to make sure it is completely shut down so that it can be imaged. Here is the info about how to fully shut down Windows 10:

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