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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Clonezilla bootable disk in Rufus?

To create the bootable Clonezilla disk in Rufus, check Create a bootable disk using ISO image and browse to the path of the downloaded Clonezilla ISO file, then click Start. Once the bootable Clonezilla Live disk is created, reboot the computer and hit F12 when the initial boot screen appears, and boot from USB storage.

How to create a bootable Clonezilla Windows 10 USB drive?

Go to the website of Rufus to download and install it on your computer. Step 3: Connect your USB flash drive to your PC, run Rufus, click SELECT to choose the iso file of Clonezilla you have downloaded, and then click the START button. Now, the bootable Clonezilla Windows 10 USB drive is created successfully.

How to install Clonezilla Live on Windows 10?

Download the Official Clonezilla Live Zip file for USB. Extract the contents of the Clonezilla Live Zip to your USB Flash Drive. From the USB Flash Drive, navigate to utils\win32 and run makeboot.bat. Restart your computer setting your BIOS or Boot menu to Boot from USB and then boot from your Clonezilla USB.

Does Clonezilla run fsck before or after the backup?

Clonezilla can run the fsck (file system check) utility on Linux file systems before running the backup. This is probably a good idea when creating a Linux disk image, but is not available for Windows since it does not work on NTFS filesystems.

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