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Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Clonezilla Live should I use?

All versions of Clonezilla live support machine with legacy BIOS. If your machine comes with uEFI secure boot enabled, you have to use AMD64 (X86-64) version (either Debian-based or Ubuntu-based) of Clonezilla live.

How do you clone a computer?

Software to clone PC to another one. To transfer one computer to another, you can clone hard drive of the old computer to another hard drive, and then install the cloned drive to your new computer. If you only want to keep the old Windows and programs, you can use System Clone to clone only OS to your new computer.

What is bootable USB tools do you use?

USB Bootable Software Rufus. When it comes to creating bootable USB drives in Windows, Rufus is the best, free, open-source, and easy-to-use software. Windows USB/DVD Tool. If you are a Windows user and the only requirement is to create a bootable USB drive for Windows, then the official tool is for you. Etcher. ... Universal USB Installer. ... RMPrepUSB. ... UNetBootin. ... More items...

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