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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add Clonezilla to PXE boot menu?

It will extract the Clonezilla live file in your DRBL server, then append a boot menu in the PXE boot menu (/tftpboot/nbi_img/pxelinux.cfg). By checking the the pxelinux.cfg you will realize that.

What is Clonezilla Live?

The Free and Open Source Software for Disk Imaging and Cloning. Clonezilla Live on PXE Server. Besides Clonezilla Live CD and Live USB, Clonezilla Live can be put on a PXE server so that a client can be booted via network to use Clonezilla live.

How do I deploy a Clonezilla image?

PXE Deploy Clonezilla. Another method of deploying operating system is by using Clonezilla imaging software. Clonezilla is a Linux based client that can be used to image a disk locally or across the network There is also a Clonezilla server edition which can be used to multicast an image to many systems at the same time.

How do I use Clonezilla on my Dell laptop?

On the system you want to image, with PXE Boot enabled in the BIOS, boot to NIC by pressing the F12 key at the Dell Splash Screen. Select Clonezilla from the boot option list using the arrow keys then press the Enter key (See Figure 1.) Figure 1.

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