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Frequently Asked Questions

How to deploy Clonezilla Lite server?

Clonezilla Lite Server From Clonezilla live >= 2.5.2-17, there is a lite server mode which you can use to deploy the clients. What you need is to boot a machine with Clonezilla live and run it as lite server, then you can use it for massive deployment.

What happens if I run the wrong version of Clonezilla?

There is no need to worry on running the wrong version because Clonezilla will simply inform you that it is unable to boot. First of all, you should choose the stable branch because the testing branch is beta and is most likely to have some bugs.

How do I stop Clonezilla?

The clients will begin to clone the system image "nomorems" to their harddisks. Once all clients finish cloning, you can stop clonezilla by dcs -> clonezilla-stop. More examples are available here.

How do I use samba with Clonezilla?

SAMBA is a networking protocol that can interoperate between Linux/Unix servers and Windows-based clients. Clonezilla runs on the Linux operating system while you want to connect to a Windows computer, making SAMBA the perfect option. 1. Select samba_server option and press Enter.

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