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Frequently Asked Questions

How to boot Clonezilla Live Without CD/DVD drive?

Nowadays the PC or laptop mostly comes without CD/DVD drive. In this case, an USB flash drive or USB hard drive is the best way to boot Clonezilla live. You can follow the following to make a bootable Clonezilla live USB flash drive or hard drive using either:

What are the limitations of Clonezilla Live for USB installation?

A limitation of Clonezilla Live’s installation instructions for USB is that it instructs on creating a bootable USB medium that only boots on either legacy BIOS or UEFI systems. With a bit of effort it is possible to create a USB medium that can boot both systems, and of which its excess storage can be used for storing Clonezilla images.

Can Clonezilla Live boot on UEFI systems?

Due to that the partition is of the type EFI System, formatted as FAT32 and has EFI binaries with proper names located in EFI/boot/, Clonezilla Live can now be booted on UEFI systems. A bit more work is needed to also support systems that boot using a legacy BIOS. Run:

How do I write to Clonezilla from an USB drive?

It doesn't seem to allow writing to the local file system (as I guess it was designed for CD-ROM), so two USB sticks are required. That is, if you get over the first hurdle. The instructions for creating a USB bootable version of Clonezilla are very straight forwards. You download Tuxboot, and simply select the USB drive to extract Clonezilla to.

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