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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create Clonezilla Live USB?

Now you can boot your computer from the USB thumb drive. If you use Windows on your computer, then you can use the Etcher tool to create Clonezilla live USB. It’s very simple to use. Install the software on your computer, then launch Etcher. It automatically selects your USB thumb drive. Select the Clonezilla ISO file and click Flash button.

How to Clonezilla Live on Mac OS X?

Download the Clonezilla Live iso file. Insert a USB flash drive on the Mac machine. Erase it using the standard Mac Disk Utility (exFAT works fine). Download balenaEtcher for MacOS, then follow its document to burn the image to the USB flash drive.

How to use Clonezilla to scan external USB hard drive?

If you choose local device and want to store the image on an external USB hard drive, then insert the USB hard drive to your computer now and press Enter. Then Clonezilla will scan your storage devices. As you can see, it detected my 31 GB USB thumb drive. Press Ctrl+C to exit the scanning window.

What are the system requirements for Clonezilla Live?

A USB mass storage device (hard drive, solid state drive or flash drive) is necessary. It needs at least 512 MB of storage space for Clonezilla Live. Any other available space will be usable for images made with Clonezilla Live. Note that all data on the USB mass storage device (MSD) will be destroyed.

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