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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Clonex rooting gel?

The Clonex formulation has been fine-tuned to give the explosive root development and for this reason serious growers and plant nurseries depend upon it for successful and profitable plant propagation. It is completely alcohol-free. Read more How to Use Clonex Rooting Gel First, dip cutting in gel to desired depth.

How do you root clones?

When rooting clones there are several substances you can use to increase the chances of success. These include rooting gels, powders and other preparations designed to expose your cuttings to hormones that will promote the formation of new roots.

What is the best cloning/rooting hormone for cuttings?

Over the years I have used many different cloning/ rooting hormones including powders, gels, and even honey while rooting cuttings of various vegetables, ornamentals, and woody trees. I have taken detailed notes of success rates with different hormones and from my personal experiences I have had the best luck with the Clonex gel.

What is the best alternative to rooting powders?

As an alternative to rooting powders, rooting gels are very popular among growers of all skill levels. Rooting gels, such as Clonex rooting gel, or Dip ‘N Grow, can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to standard rooting powders.

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