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Frequently Asked Questions

What is root hormone gel?

Gel rooting hormone is a commercially available form of plant rooting hormones sold at specialty garden shops and many hydroponics supply shops. Of the three main forms of rooting hormones – powder and liquid forms being the other two – gel forms of rooting hormones,...

What is root gel?

Root-Gel. This is a great tool for those who propagate by cutting. This formulation of rooting hormone is far superior to the traditional powders. The gel actually helps hold the active ingredient IBA against the stem tissue allowing for greater absorption. We’ve used it with great success. It’s more effective than most liquid rooting hormones.

What is cloning gel?

The cloning gel has a bunch of hormones, vitamins, and other materials that help stimulate those roots and can have them sucking up the nutrient solution much faster. The best way to apply the cloning gel is to just cover the bottom section of the stem in a thin layer of the substance.

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